● Visual Designer

● Performer

 (showgirl & Poledance & Burlesque, SADOU)

● Musician & DJ


Accessory Designer 




I am a show girl.

My style makes a unique story by myself, and based on that we construct choreography and directing.

And I will perform it myself and dance.

マルチクリエーターとしてビジュアルデザイン、音楽やファッションの世界で活躍。また、ポールダンスに魅了されたSHOW GIRL DANCER。ステップなどを取り入れた  キッチュでセクシーでしなやかなポールダンススタイルが特徴。独特の世界観を表現するコンテンポラリーでアーティスティックなショーを作る。Dom Pérignon、FENDIMercedes-Benz、Ritz Carlton Tokyoなどで数々のイベント、ショーやパーティ、PVなどで精力的に活動。各国を放浪した末のアバンギャルドな美意識は、ポールダンスにとどまらず  独特のセレクターとしてのセンスを発揮し、デザインや音楽、企画イベントオーガナイズにも繋がる。私生活では、茶道を嗜む。

She has been a Tokyo's show girl since 1998. She is famous for a unique style of poll dancing which integrates sensual foot steps. She appeared in many luxury parties such as  Don perignon,FENDI,Mercedes-Benz, Ritz Carlton Tokyo and also music videos of many artists.
She has an avant-garde sense of beauty which inspired by her experience traveling many countries,so she started to extend her talent to many other forms of creation such as fashion design, music, and party organizing. She is not only an dancer, now a multi creator.  Yet, in her private life she in a fond of traditional japanese culture and loves japanese tea ceremony.



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